Friday, March 20, 2015

My Journey to Staying Fit and Healthy

For the longest time, I in search for a diet plan that will be able to lose my excessive weight. Yes, I am still on the overweight side. I have tried several diet plans that just turned out to be a yo-yo diet for me.

I know, it's myself and not such diet plans to be blamed. I must admit that I have lacked discipline when it comes to eating and having exercise. Realizing what went wrong, I decided to start anew with my weight loss journey. And I will call it my journey to staying fit and healthy.

Now, let me share this fitness quote that truly inspires me on my new journey.

Fitness Quote via Pinterest

The quote said it all right?

Think positively and worry less, stay strong

This is very important because you are what you think. And if you think positively that you can do something, then there's no way you can not do it. Also, worrying will just stress us and if you are stress, you tend to eat more. And a study relates being stress with having fatty liver. So think positively, stay strong and have faith because everything is under control.

Exercise daily and dance more

This is another important part of staying fit and healthy. A daily exercise of at least 30 minutes can be a good start. This will help us maintain a healthy weight and can lower the risk of heat disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension. I am thinking of running as an exercise, because it's one of the cheapest. I really need to buy a good running shoes the soonest!

Also, dancing can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. There are many instructional dance videos like Zumba that we can download to start dancing at home. So make dancing a habit.

Eat healthy

If you are what you think, you are also what you eat. One of the realizations I have with trying diet plans, is to not starved myself. The diet plans I tried just turned out to be a yo-yo dieting. It just made me craved for more sweets, junk foods and other unhealthy food.

Now, I started with eating less carbohydrates. I stick with having just 2 cups of rice per day, one in the morning and 1 at night. I replaced my lunch with fiber-rich food like oat meal and fruits. Always remember that to be able to be fit and healthy, 80% we can achieve through healthy eating and 20% from exercising. So don't overdo exercising especially when you are not eating right.

Have quality sleep

Having quality sleep is important in person's health and well being. Sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Poor sleep, on the other hand, is strongly linked to weight gain. In  short  can make you fat. Besides, having sleeping disorders can cause other serious health problems like greater risk of heart disease and stroke, affects glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes risk and more others. That's why to be healthy, you also take care of your sleep.

Love often and be happy

Need to say more? Stay in love and be happy. Enough motivations to keep fit and healthy. 

Thinking of all those above, I never thought that my journey to being fit and healthy should be just that simple. No expensive diet plans and no complicated exercise. All I need is a great discipline. 

Oh by the way, I took the Fitness Influence Quiz and look what's my fitness influence is. Guess what? I am a Fitness Champ! I hope this will be for real. Haha!

You can take the fitness influence quiz too, and see what's your fitness influence is. Here.

Weekend is almost here. Stay fit and healthy!
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