Friday, March 13, 2015

On Finding Blog Inspirations

Yeah, as the title implied, I need some blog inspirations.

Lately, I found my self wanting to write but I cannot write a decent post. I tend to criticize my own writing and ended up with just deleting the whole draft. Sigh!

Actually, I have so much in my mind. The problem is I can not organize those ideas. Maybe I should start with writing a daily journal. This will help me recall important events in my daily life.

But I still need some inspirations. Sure I have my family, my little boy, to inspire to write. However, I know just writing about one topic might make you, my dear readers, get bored. So I made a little effort to search some ideas to get blog inspirations.

Keep a journal

As what I have already said, this will help us organize our ideas. Jotting down ideas will let you not forget about that. A little notebook that you can carry wherever you go is already a good one to start with.

Join blog events

This is what I really can not do at this time. Most blog events are being held at the metro and they often fall on week days. But joining events will definitely give you blog inspirations as you get to know other fellow bloggers, get socialize and bring home some freebies too that you can write about.

Join blog memes and linkys

Joining blog memes and linkys will not just give you blog inspiration. You'll be able to write about a topic and get links to other blogs as well. As you get to click the links of the participants, you do blog hopping and learn from each other. From there, you can surely get more ideas what to write about in the future.

Visit other blogs

Visiting other blogs will give you ideas what other bloggers write about. But I am not saying to copy what other bloggers write about. What you can do is read, and think if such topic will be of interest to your reader.

Visit social media accounts for trending topics

If you have Twitter or Facebook, search for the trending topic. And if you something in mind to write about that topic, then do write about it. 

Share your experience about a product

You can write about a product that you just tried, like a product review  A lot of people nowadays likes reading product reviews. They search the web for reviews before buying a product. Just make sure to write about the truth and nothing but the truth, haha.

Review your blog comments

Your readers might want a topic you can write about. Or suggestions you can use to improve your blog. Remember to look at the comments objectively. Don't be too sensitive okay?

Have a quiet time to think

During quiet time, you can think clearly and you can hear what you can not hear during ordinary time. This is also the best time to write on your journal.

Share your own experiences

You will agree that we can get blog inspiration from our own experience. As a mother, I like reading other mothers' experiences too. We may not have exactly the same experience but we will be able to learn from each others' experience right?

Finally, I have finished writing a helpful post. Kidding aside, I hope I am able to help you as I help my self find blog inspirations. Let's keep on writing and blogging. Don't worry too much about your grammar as long as you can express your self. And always remember to write from your heart and be your self. 

Do you know other ways to get blog inspirations?

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