Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Inspiration: The Courage to Let Go

Hello everyone!

Let's have our Monday inspirational quote to start our new week right.

Monday Inspirational Quote

A week ago, I have shared how acceptance helped me brought back the peacefulness in my life. Now let me share with you how letting go could bring back the happiness in your life.

There are things we can change but they also things we can not change no matter how we tried. The failure to change things give us frustrations. Then, we let frustrations steal our happiness.

It's hard to admit that the cause of us being not happy is our own self. Because we do not have the courage to let go of the things we can not change. We keep hanging to the hope that we can still change that thing in our life. Without knowing that the more we hang in, the more it gets painful.

So if you are in a situation when things are not in your control, just trust God and keep all your worries away. Learn to let go and see how it can bring the happiness back in your life.

Have a Blessed week everyone!
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