Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Instagram + Celebrity Move Tracker

Do you love stalking your favorite celebrity on Instagram? 

Well, I do and here are the top 3 local celebrities I stalked followed on Instagram:

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

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I am her quiet fan even before she was young and chubby. But look at her now? She looks great and getting prettier each day. I also admire her simple, quiet family life. She's one of the few female actress who kept her two feet on the ground. 

Angelica Panganiban

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I like her even many netizens/people hate her. I believe there are so much to love about this lady. I love her being true but sometimes I still get shocked on what she's posting, haha. But I love her still, period!

Heart Evangelista

Like Angelica P., I love this girl even if others hate her. I admire her how she kept stronger for her love. And I wish she will have her forever with Senator Chiz. 

So they are the top 3 local celebrities I love following on Instagram. Actually, I followed other celebrities too. On my wee time, I am on my "chismosa" mode and browse through celebrities' Instagram. I love when they share updates on their life outside the limelight. I enjoy looking at their homes and houses.

Speaking of homes, if there's a celebrity move tracker here, I am sure fans like me will be happy to know where his/her favorite celebrity is living. But I bet celebrities will not like that idea for reasons like security.

Who are the celebrities you followed on Instagram? 
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