Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Surprise for the Best Husband/Dad Ever!

Today, a special man in our life is celebrating his 34th birthday.

To start his special day, Matthew and I gave him a little surprise.

Two nights ago, I told Matthew to make a card for his Daddy. He excitedly told me, "Birthday po ni Daddy, Mommy?" I said yes and he quickly draw a cake on the bond paper I handed him.

Noticed the cars? Haha... The under the cake is his Daddy's car daw and the car on the right side naman is ofcourse, McQueen.

I bought a small cheesecake naman yesterday.

I asked Matthew to keep everything secret for we will surprise his Daddy. But last night when he saw his Daddy, he ran to our refrigerator and said, "Daddy may cake ka po dito o!"


I told him to keep quiet because it's for our surprise, he just laughed. As for the birthday card, we managed to hide it naman but he almost showed it to his Daddy the other night. I just reminded him it's our secret.

Hay, our little boy still can not keep a secret very well.

Anyway, I hope Daddy liked our little surprise for him. To the best husband/dad ever...

Happy Happy Birthday!

I hope you enjoy your working birthday. We love you to bits Daddy!
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