Monday, November 16, 2015

Mario Kart Collectibles in McDonald's Happy Meal

Las Saturday, we planned to go to the mall to buy a gift for our friend's son who will celebrate his 7th birthday this coming Saturday. Matthew kasi is part of the 7 gifts. We brought Matthew to work and sakto one of our colleagues celebrate his birthday. Super at home si bulilit look!

Ayan may selfie pa sya!

However, Daddy's meeting didn't end early and my mother was sick so I asked Daddy to brought us home na lang. When we got home, Matthew was very disappointed. He refused to change clothes and just sat with matching halukipkip ng kamay pa. Haha!

Then Kuyang Xend came because I have parcels for shipping. I let our house help hand him the parcels. I went to our room to change clothes then back to our sala where Matthew was and still in his sungit mode. He even asked our house help na magsaing daw at hindi pa sya nakain. Ang kulit talaga. 

Si Ate naman didn't tell me that I have a parcel so when I saw a pouch I taught it was one of my parcel for shipping. When I looked at it closely, wow I was surprised!

Mario Kart Collectibles in McDonald's Happy Meal

Our friends from McDonald's send this complete set of this complete set of The Mario Kart Happy Meal toys. And when I told Matthew about it, he's mood immediately switched to this!

Our son is a big fan of McDonald's Happy Meal toys. He has Hot Wheels, Bendable Finn of Adventure Time, Oh's Spinning Cat of Home, Optimus Prime of Transformers, Thomas Small Container and the complete set of Minions Happy Meal toys. Even if he didn't know who Mario and Luigi are, he immediately like them and sakto pa yun M sa cap.

Mario Kart Collectibles in McDonald's Happy Meal

Matthew told me pa kaya pala daw walang naka-display na Happy Meal toys the last time we went to McDo. Ipapadala daw pala sa kanya, haha! 

More photos when Daddy came home, who was surprised too!

Mario Kart Collectibles in McDonald's Happy Meal
Mario Kart Collectibles in McDonald's Happy Meal

Truly, McDonald's Happy Meal has the power to put a smile on every kid's face. Look how happy our little boy was. Nakalimutan na nya ang hindi natuloy naming lakad.

And humirit pa sya when we were about to sleep last night. He has a habit to bring his new toys with him to sleep. Then he said while looking at Mario, sana daw may burger at fries pa para mas masaya, haha!

Thank you again McDonald's for making our little boy so so happy!
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