Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Trick or Treat Weekend & MORE

Hello everyone! It's Thursday again and just like that the first week of November will be over. Time flies super fast and did you know it's only 50 days before Christmas? Because of that, Daddy and Matthew already put up our Christmas tree.

Before that, let me share Matthew's first trick or treat. We brought him to work last Saturday. He was so excited.

Sorry for the messy background. Our laboratory is still under construction e. 

Good thing, Daddy's meeting ended early so we went straight to the mall for the trick of treat.

If you are wondering why Matthew was not in scary costume, it's because the event does not require a costume. It was a free activity of the mall's Kiddie Club where Matthew is a member. They just give us a map where stores to go to get the sweet treats. 

Matthew had so much fun going from one store to the other. Daddy and I enjoyed it too even if it's so tiring. I just wished I took more photos. I forgot na kasi because I am hungry na and but Matthew didn't want to eat until we're done visiting all the stores. Anyway, he had a blast and took home a bag full of sweet treats. He even told me he will wear a costume na daw next year.

Oh, we also received a free picture from the Big Picture.

So sorry we were not prepared for the instant photo opp. Haha!

We paid naman for this photo. I super like it kasi ang cute ng smile ni Matthew.

On November 1, we stayed at home lang because 2 is not a holiday and a long balikan trip will be difficult for Nanay. We paid tribute to our Tatay and Daddy's grandfathers by lighting candles. Babawi na lang kami sa birthday nya this 29th.

Finally, look how serious our little boy was while watching "Your Face Sounds Familiar."

Kaya naman pala. James Reid was there.

James Reid was Sam Concepcion's "ka-face" that night. And when Sam lost, he kept on saying Sam should have won because he's good. Or it's because Sam was James last night? Whatever! Haha!

That's it guys. Lapit na ulit weekend. I know like me, you are always looking forward to weekends. Enjoy the rest of the day!
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