Thursday, November 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Joy of Motherhood

Daddy tagged me this photo on FB. Thanks to FB because of it's feature that allows us to see the photos we have posted years ago. And this photo was 4 years ago.

Yes 4 years have passed and this photo was my entry to MomCenter Philippines's Baby and Me photo contest. This was when I was just starting to blog about my experience as a new mother. This was when I was still in doubt if I can sustain this blog. 

But look, 4 years had passed and I am still blogging. I have met new cyber friends and I really hope to meet them personally. Also, I grow with this blog and I have gained confidence to express my self. I may not be a one of the best bloggers in town, but I am happy to know I can help someone, somehow.

Let's keep on sharing and blogging, alright?
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