Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Our Christmas Tree is Up!

Two weeks ago, Daddy A and Matthew already set up our Christmas tree. My two boys had fun putting up the tree. Look at them!

The two has been doing this since Matthew can walk and our little boy is always excited.

The Christmas decors are as old as our Christmas tree, which is 6 years na. Daddy and I are crocheting Christmas ornaments as addition to the old ones. Look at these Christmas stockings Daddy crochet.

Ang cute 'di ba?

We are crocheting more Christmas decors pa. Daddy is crocheting Snowman while I am doing snow flakes. I'll show them too once done. 

Next year, since 6 years na ang aming Christmas tree, we are planning to buy a new one. I like a taller one and I want it white :)

Kayo guys, is your Christmas tree up already? Let me see...
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