Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to My Tatay... in Heaven

Ten years have passed yet the hole in my heart lefy by my Tatay's death is still there. I know this hole will never be filled again. Every time I think of him, I can't help but regret how just little time we had. It would have been different if he's still here. My mother's condition would have been better. I have so many what if's, but all of these I entrust to God. For I know He had a reason and His plan is way better than ours.

Early today, while I was trimming my Nanay's hair, a white butterfly flew over us. I know it's him reminding me he's with us. Reminding me to more patient and understanding. And to love my mother more.  

Today would have been his 76th birthday. If ever he can read this, I want him to know that my love for him will be always there. And that I will never leave Nanay until it's time for them to meet again. This message is for my beloved Tatay. May the angels send this message to him.

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