Friday, November 13, 2015

On Christmas Party and Drunk Driving

We really can’t stop Christmas from coming. Just in case you lost track of the countdown, it’s only 42 days to go before Christmas. Time flies really, really fast!

As Christmas is fast approaching, not only mall sales are everywhere. Expect Christmas parties are everywhere too. For sure many companies and institutions are already planning for their Christmas parties, as early as now. There are companies that hold their Christmas parties as early as the first week of December, while some do it on the second or third week.

Yesterday, our Admin already called a meeting for our Christmas party. Yup, we needed to lay down the plan and to appoint committees so that we can compute for the budget for the big bosses' approval. So that explains an early Christmas party meeting.

For our company, Christmas party is the only party being held yearly. So everyone is always looking forward to this party. Each department takes a responsibility and work for the success of this once in a year party. Also, like the previous years, each department will have a Christmas presentation. That’s why we are already thinking what to present this Christmas. Any idea guys? It’s anything goes, variety theme as per Daddy Allan.

Anyway, our party is usually held after work. They set a party booth in our parking area and we hire a catering service for the chairs and tables, and for the food. Aside from department presentation, there are parlor games and raffles. Everyone is hoping to win and take home something. And of course, there are food and alcohol beverages.

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Speaking of alcohol beverages, drinking such is always part of Christmas party. In fact, for some, there are unlimited beer in a barrel or wine bottles. It’s Christmas and everyone has all the reasons to be jolly, haha!

Seriously, drinking alcohol, must be in moderation. Especially if you know you need to drive home after, you must drink moderately or don’t drink at all if you can’t control yourself. In case you drink and you don't know your alcohol limit, check out this Safe Driving Calculator. This will help you decide whether you can still drive home safely. Just be sure you know your weight okay?

So guys, this Christmas don't party and drink then drive because drunk driving is very very risky. It's also important to know your limits. And remember, it's not only your life that you are putting at risk, but the life of others on the road as well.

Drive safely this Christmas!
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