Friday, December 4, 2015

Make Your Kid's Meals Fun with UFC Color Crazee

One time when we had a trip to the grocery. Matthew saw this UFC Color Crazee.

At first, I was hesitant to buy it. But then, I know how Matthew loves ketchup and he's been asking me to buy that everytime he sees it on TV ads. So maybe it wouldn't hurt if I buy him one right? 

When we got home, he asked Daddy A to make lumpia. I didn't get it why he liked lumpia. Then came dinner, he has UFC Color Crazee pala. Look what he did.

So whenever it's his hotdog day, we make it fun with UFC Color Crazee.

Kahit may sumpong syang gumising, we can easily make him smile by making fun meals.

This inspires to make bento meal again. I just need breakfast meal ideas other than hotdog, and more bento tools too. Hehe.

Anything for this little boy.

Happy weekend everyone!
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