Thursday, December 17, 2015

Product Review: JML Hair Straightener Professional

Hair iron straightener is one of my two Christmas wishes. I have been looking for one since my 8-year old Revlon hair iron is already retiring. Good thing I asked sis Marie (of Mommy Unwired) and she recommended JML Hair Straightener Professional. So when I got a chance to go to Watsons, I waste no time looking for it.

Hair Iron
JML Hair Straightener Professional @ PhP 3000
Luckily, they have stocks. The sales lady tried it on my hair and instantly fell in love with it.

Hair Iron

This JML Hair Straightener Professional has Nano Ionic Titanium wide plates that is designed to create lasting hair styles, straight or curly. You can get even straightening results and shiny hair from roots to tips as these floating plates give uniform contact. The Anion Generator produces negative ions that help maintain proper hydration to make it softer and shinier. You can use both on wet and dry hair.

JML Hair Straightener Professional has LCD indicator and controller with medium (190 C) and high (230 C) settings. You can also adjust the heat by +/- 5 C. It heats up fast to 180 C in 30 seconds.

Hair Iron

Also, JML Hair Straightener Professional has 360 degree swivel 2-meter power cord with rotating and hanger design. And it has a lock feature too. 

If you will ask me how was it on my hair, here's the before and after I use JML Hair Straightener Professional.

I wiped off excess water on my hair then used JML Hair Straightener Professional. In few minutes, I get that result already. I am happy kasi no more bad hair days. Parang rebonded nga daw, sabi nila haha!

Thank you Daddy for granting my wish. Bawi na ko with your new tools naman. Please show it na,. Haha!

Advanced Merry Christmas everyone!
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