Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On Spending Quality Time With Matthew and Daddy

Few weeks ago, Matthew had his first pajama party at school. I already wrote that we failed to fulfill our promise to accompany him to school. To make up for that, the next day we brought him to work to spend some quality time with him.

We did grocery first then went to nearest park to see the Christmas tree. However, the tree has no lights yet. Still, the little boy enjoyed our that day. Let me share how we spend quality without spending much.

We had first our merienda. Daddy bought fishball, kikiam and egg balls. 

Matthew was so excited, he immediately grabbed one cup.

And moved away from us. Feeling aagawan, haha!

Then, we went to near the Christmas tree. As I have said, there's the tree has no lights yet.

Daddy and I sat on the grass as we watched Matthew ran around.

That moment as I watched him, all I can see was the smile on his face and all I can hear was his laughter.

It's always a joy seeing Matthew like that. He was running na parang walang kapaguran. Then he sat beside us.

And told me, "Mommy thank you. I'm happy. Ang saya saya ko." 

I was so touched. Feeling ko nakabawi na ko sa kanya. That gave us so much joy in our heart. Pacheesy lang ng konti here.

Then after that, we went to McDonald's for dinner.

Gusto daw nya yun #AlDub Chicken Filler Ala King Meal. Look!

Of course, this McDonald's dinner will never be complete with this pabebe wave. Haha!

Spending quality time with my two boys always bring me so much happiness. Simple lang pero sobrang napasaya namin ang little boy namin. We will definitely do this again. I just wish we have a guitar with 5 string short scale bass. Sobrang sayang siguro to sing at the park.

So that's how we spend quality time together. Please share too how you spend quality time with your family.

Again, this is our little boy saying... until then!

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