Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Got My Two Christmas Wishes!

Yes, Santa Daddy grant my two Christmas wishes!

My first wish, which Daddy already blogged about, is this Asus X555L Laptop.

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Actually, like Daddy said on his post, last year ko pa ito bet. Kaya lang, inuna namin yun LG Smart LED TV. Just like what I mentioned on my saving tips, we agreed to have only one credit card installment plan per year. That's why I waited for a year to finally have this Asus Laptop.

Good thing I have waited kasi bumaba naman yun price ng konti compared last year na nasa 30k+ sya. Yun lang I have no choice sa color because last model na sya. Okay lang because now that I have my own laptop, I can blog more. Yey!

Next is my second wish naman. Hair straightening iron is my best friend. That is one thing I can live without. Chos! I have a Revlon hair straightening iron of more than 8 years now. And for sure maawa kayo pag nakita nyo sya, haha. So I finally decided to grant its retirement and bought this JML Hair Straightener Professional.

Thank you to Daddy A for agreeing with me, hehe. Also, thank you to sis Marie for sharing this brand. I am looking for Revlon ulit sana but I can't find one. Good thing I asked sis Marie and yan nga recommendation nya. True nga! Kaya now, I have no reason to have a bad hair day. Here's my review of JML Hair Straightener Professional.

How about you guys, natupad na ba Christmas wish nyo?