Saturday, December 19, 2015

Matthew's Christmas Party 2015

Yesterday was Matthew's Christmas party. Thanks God the weather is better yesterday. Although it drizzle a little, the school's Christmas party was a success.

Of course, we bought him new clothes minus the shoes because he sad, okay pa naman daw shoes nya. He's maturing na :)

Picture taking before going to school.

Time flies really fast. He's a baby no more.

Look at that smile. This is the day he's been waiting for since last week. Thank God for the good weather.

As usual, each grade level had their own presentation. The kinder and prep danced to the tune of Magmahalan Tayo by Alden Richards.

Most of the presentations are dance. No carolers this time so I missed the sound of sax from the woodwind family.

The cuties after the presentation while waiting for the big bee!

And here's the most popular orange bee on earth, Jollibee!

This is the best shot Daddy got as the kids, including the teachers and parents were all around Jollibee waiting for their turn to take photos. Atleast Matthew was just beside Jollibee, haha.

After watching Jollibee, it's eating time and gift giving.

Before the program ends, the school director gave Matthew and his two other classmates who won at the APRSIM Sporsfest, Academic and Cultural Competition a Christmas gift.

This what he got. Maybe they can't think of something to give so money na lang. I asked Matthew what he wants to buy but he said we will add this to his savings account. Yey, he knows how to save.

By the way, just like last year's Christmas party, the gifts come from the parents as the secret Santa. So when we went to the mall, we asked him to choose what he wants Santa to give him. He chose one of these car and he wanted to get it right then and there. But I told him he can get three if he can wait, pumayag naman.

His classmates were teasing him because he got a small gift but when he opened it and saw the three cars, he was so happy. Now, he kept on asking me why Santa bought the three cars. I told him Santa saw that he is a good child that's why he bought the cars. And that makes him smile, simple joy!

Oh, just 6 days to go before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the weekend!
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