Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7 Basic Safety Tips at Work

As you all know, I am a working mom. Not just that. I work in a laboratory inside a feed mill. Signage of "Safety First" for reminders are everywhere as part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Accidents do happen anywhere and everywhere. To prevent accidents, here are the 5 basic safety tips at work that we should now.
Basic Safety Tips at Work

1. Know and always follow the safety rules and procedures.

Safety rules and procedures may vary from one work place to another. So before starting your new job, it's important that you study the safety rules and procedures to know the do's and don'ts inside your work place.

2. Get a work safety and health training.

Aside from learning the safety rules and procedures, it is also important to have work safety and health training. This will help you how to identify hazards, manage risks and do your job safely.

3. Always wear personal protective gears and equipment.

Each workplace has its required safety gears and equipment. Before starting with your work shift, always remember to wear the required personal gear or equipment for your own protection.

4. Know what to do and where to go and get help during emergency.

During emergency, you should know what to keep safe and where to go for evacuation. Be alert and always know where the emergency alarms are. Know the emergency hotlines as well.

5. Always report all injuries and potential hazards.

Do not be afraid to report all kinds of injuries including those near injuries. Look out for potential hazards too to prevent it from happening.

6. Do not work alone and keep an eye on your co-workers

This is a reminder I always tell our laboratory personnel. Always work in two's and do not work alone. In case of accident, there's someone who can help you or call for help.

7. Always have a good rest before going to work.

Rest is very important so you should always have a good rest before reporting to work. Remember that being or feeling tired can lead you to make mistakes that can lead to accidents.

Those are just basic safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries at work. Speaking of injuries at work, did you know that the most commonly injured body parts are the trunk, legs and head.

Check this Workplace Injuries by the Numbers to know more about the workplace injuries and deaths by industry statistics. Always remember to be alert and think safety first!
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