Friday, April 22, 2016

A Busy, Productive Week That Was

Hello everyone. How's your week? I have been busy these past days kaya wala na ako lakas mag-blog. My apologies dearies! 

Sunday palang busy na talaga. Daddy and I were working on samples order of crochet amigurumi owl.

While our little boy was watching and eating pop corn. Sarap lang ng buhay, haha!

For weeks, wala talaga kaming mga MTOs. We spent nights cuddling while we're waiting for the time to sleep. But this week is very different. Sabay-sabay ang orders! After the owl, I worked on felt cloth letters naman.

But I am not complaining because these are blessings! Yun lang, we have less cuddling time na with my little boy. So I need to divert his attention to this.

Look at his masterpiece!

My 5-year old is really good at it. I told you, he never get tired with coloring and drawing his two most favorite superheroes, Iron Man and Spiderman.

After that, I will tell him naman to read bible stories. He will, but after that wala na sya magawa so he will start to get uneasy and tried to play with us. Kaya lang we need to meet deadlines so kahit masakit, I will tell him to lay down. Kwentuhan na lang muna kami. However, I regret doing that because my little boy will innocently ask the most painful questions.

Matthew: Mommy, bakit po nagwowork na kayo sa araw, pati sa gabi nagwowork pa din?

Natigilan ako. I looked at hime and he's seriously waiting for an answer. Bakit nga ba? I told him, sayang opportunity so we can save more.

Then he asked another question.

Matthew: Bakit po mga mommies ng classmates ko kahit hindi magwork may pera sila?

Aw! Maloloka na ko sa batang ito. I answered him with another question, "Gusto mo ba magwork din sa malayo Daddy mo para sa bahay na lang ako?" He said no, then there's silence. Yun lang naisip ko na sagot sa tanong nya because while his classmates have their moms at home, their Dads are away naman. I want him to understand that his classmates' families are sacrificing too. That sometimes we need to be away or to have less time with our family to provide all their needs. 

I really want to stay at home. I am looking for a part time online job but that hasn't come yet. But God is so good that He made me see that the solution to this is on my hand already. My crafty hands. There are big opportunities coming in and praying that this opportunity will be the start of everything I dream of.

For now, I need to wait. I need more patience. Heto muna! Meet the owl family!

And let's welcome Mr. Crab too!

Happy weekend!
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