Monday, April 4, 2016

Matthew Andrei's Moving Up

April 2 is the day our son had been waiting for, for two reasons. One because it's their moving up day, and two, for the gift he's expecting to receive from us. Haha!

The Moving Up was held at The Event Center SM Marilao. We left our home early because the ceremony will start as stated in the program. My event pa kasing kasunod. We arrived one hour earlier so we looked for a place to wait. Jollibee lang bukas that time so we decided to have an early merienda.

The little boy was so happy as usual.

When the mall opened, we immediately went in to take some photos.

Here's our proud boy!

Then the ceremony started with the entrance march.

He went to his seat along with his classmates.

I accompanied him on the stage to receive his diploma.

But that's a bond paper lang and they will have their diploma in a frame. They chose not to distribute that on the same day to avoid accident breakage. Sayang nga naman.

As I have mentioned here, Matthew got the 1st honorable mention.

He was so happy to receive his first medal.

Intermission muna by selected Grade 6 graduating students.

Like any other graduation ceremony, they also had they speaker.

After which was the Pre-Elementary students' intermission number. They dance to the tune of Better When I'm Dancing. 

They were so cute kahit hindi sabay-sabay. And our little boy was so adorable and energetic!

Before the ceremony ended, they gave the Achiever's Awards, which we didn't know.

Matthew joined the spelling bee contest last year in which he ranked 9 among the 18 participants from the private schools in Marilao.

The school commended that effort of their students by giving the Achiever's Award.

Oh by the way, I went up the stage 3 times. Daddy should have went for the second award but both of us were at awe and surprised. That's why I just stand up and went with Matthew, hehe.

Anyway, the ceremony ended with the Graduation/Moving Up song, Strong.

Presenting the Graduates!

When the program closed, we went on the stage to take photos.

And here's a photo with Matthew's teacher, Ms. Tess. I want to thank her for the patience and knowledge she gave Matthew and his classmates. You did a great job Teacher Tess!

Again, I would like to congratulate Matthew Andrei for this great achievement. This is actually too much of what I have expected. This is only the start of your journey to your dreams. No matter how and what it will take, Daddy and I will always be here to love and support you. We love you so much anak!

Have Blessed week everyone!
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