Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Inspiration: On Acceptance

Hello Monday! 

Just came from a long and emotional weekend. It was physically draining actually. Sometimes, I am asking myself why such things need to happen. But I need to be strong because there are people who need me to be strong. 
accepting life quote

Soon, I will write about what and how I feel. In time, I will learn to accept the truth and live with it. Yes, I thought I fully accept the situation but I am still not ready. I am still in denial. I still have that big regret in my heart and so many what if's in my mind.

I am praying every night for more strength and to find that peace in my heart that's been empowered by fear, regrets and doubts. I believe this too shall pass. I needed to accept things as it and let go of what has been. For God has His purpose for everything thats happening. May He continue to guide us and may He grant that peace of mind.

Sorry for this little drama.

I wish everyone a Blessed week.
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