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How to Choose the Best Grand Rapids Michigan Disk Jockey for Weddings

Hey there! Getting married, are you? Congrats! Nothing beats a love as grand as the River itself. Since your internet journey brought you to this kind of article, we are going to assume that you are already well in the process of planning your dream reception, so here is a helpful guide to make sure you have the perfect ceremony layout. You are welcome

Now, let’s get on to the arguably most important element of creating a good atmosphere: the music. Opting for a DJ is a smart thing to do: you get a lot more versatility for a much more affordable price than getting a band. Good thinking, lovebirds! But how do you choose the best disk jockey for your wedding? How do you make sure this performer is the perfect one for your big day? Here are some tips for you!

Figure out the essential factors

Before you start thinking about getting a DJ, consider all the things that will influence and limit your possible choices–and believe us, there are always things. The most obvious one is your budget and how much you could optionally stretch it. Nobody wants to think about stretching their budget in an already pricey affair, but you have to have a contingency plan for possible unforeseen expenses. Better be safe than sorry and all that jazz.

Figure out your venue. Spaces have a style just like people! You have to think about the factors in interior design, expected conduct, and so on. One essential thing to think about is your venue size and architecture because this directly determines the acoustics you will get.

Next is the wedding theme. You cannot have a “wild beach party-type” DJ in your classy and relaxed summer-themed ceremony, can you? Think about the genres of music you want to include, who your favorite musicians are, and what songs you often play in your own time. How can you incorporate that into your theme?

And finally, remember to check the placement of electric sockets! You may have to make adjustments for setting up the DJ station.

Research and reach out

You can start asking around for recommendations. Your recently married friends and relatives make for great starting points, and of course there is always the internet. Pay extremely close attention to jockeys’ reviews and ratings, see what other couples have to say about them. If there are any negative reviews, see how they handled those and how long it took for them to fix whatever the problem was.

Once you come up with a handful of candidates, start getting in touch with them. Be careful not to DM them, though, those things are super easy to overlook. Your best bet is to send an email or use the contact form on their official website if there is one. Sometimes, instead of a form, there will be options to call and a physical mail address, like the ones at grandrapidsdj.org for example.

Remember to ask essential questions: check if they are available on your special date, check their rate, and ask to see a copy if their standard contract. Any legitimate disk jockey will be more than happy to provide it. Then schedule a Skype video call or arrange a meeting in real life.

Always sample the actual work

Once you get to meeting your prospective DJs, you should get a little more of an in-depth look at what they do–as in, more than a generic playlist sample. Ask questions about their music repertoire. This is the perfect chance to tie it in with your genres and favorites considerations (remember step one?) so you can see if your style and your potential DJ’s will mesh well. You should also specify what you need the music for: the ceremony, the reception, the dinner or the after-party. Let them know about your emceeing needs as well. That way they can have a better idea of how to customize their playlist.

Know the equipment

You do not need to become a DJ hardware expert suddenly, but you also need some info on this. You want to make sure that your candidates use pro grade lighting and music equipment, not gadgets their uncle slapped together in the garage. You also need to know how much equipment they plan on bringing in–they can really pack a load, and if this clashes with your venue, you may need to thank them politely and move on to another disk jockey.

Review the fine print

Finally, once you have settled on one performer for your big event, you need to work out all the tedious technicalities. And you need to be vigilant. Remember, it is always the tiny letters that can ruin your life when you sign a paper.

Ask your DJ to draft the contract and mail or email it to you. Take the time to sit down and read through it. Get any ambiguities out into the clear and pay close attention to the hidden clauses. Things like travel reimbursements and equipment fees can set your budget on fire fast.

Remember, you have every right to revise the contract any number of times before you sign it.

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