Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Welcome 2019!

Since it's a New Year we openened Matthew's piggy bank.

These were the money he saved from his 20-peso baon everyday and from selling ice pops just later this year. Since he got inspired, he's starting to save as soon he got back to school.

Every New Year, we go to Church and hear the first Mass for the year.

This is our first family for 2019!

We took some photos before we left our house.

When we arrived at the nearby Church at 1:30pm, we were informed that the mass will be at 3:00pm pa. So we have no choice but to wait. Took photos again, syempre.

This! One of my 2019 goals is to lose weight. I am obese na, huhu! I should atleast lose 10 kilos this year.

E sya naman, he lost weight na. Hmmm.

Finally, the mass started.

And after the mass, our new van was blessed by the priest.

We went home pala with free bibingka na pinilahan namin ng almost two hours, haha. 

Because Matthew was hungry, they went to gym near the Church where we saw the booths to buy food sana. There's a free birthday buffet of one of the priest there. So ayun early blessings for 2019.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!
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