Monday, January 7, 2019

Matthew's Christmas Party 2018

Two weeks ago, Matthew's Christmas Party was held. Can't believe how time flies because this little boy grow so fast. Look how big he is now.

I am not sure but for this year I think they don't have the usual program because it was examination week. Actually, it was the last day of their examination. 

Instead, they had their party in their respective rooms where they eat their Jollibee meals.

They also had their usual exchange gift.

Because I want to instill on him that it's better to give than to receive, we prepared gifts for his teachers and classmates.

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I told him by giving he should not expect something in return. Just be happy and enjoy the day with his friends and classmates.

Which he did!

And he went home with this cute panda cap.

He loves it, isn't it obvious? Haha.

He wore that hat the entire day and night!

That's another mommy story I want to share with you. I really missed posting something like this, sharing stories about our not so little boy or just sharing my thoughts. I have to admit that because there's Instagram and Facebook already, which is a faster way to share stories now, it's time consuming to write personal post like this. Still, I am writing here at my online mommy diary to remind everyone that blogging is still fun.

Hey, I want to hear read your stories too. Let's share?

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