Friday, January 4, 2019

What is and How does an Electric Pressure Cooker Work

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Economical and easy to use, is a slower cooker the best investment? The answer is yes! Who would not want to return home to a warm, tasty and healthy meal? Mainly because on a hot summer day, a slow cooker helps you cook thoroughly without the heat of the kitchen.

Today I will tell you about the instant pot electric pressure cooker, and I'll let you know something about this new way of cooking.

The idea behind the slow cooking movement

The idea that "food should be cooked" is entirely wrong. E.g., eggs suffer chemical transformations at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. At 60-62 degrees all the egg substances turn, and that's why you will hear cooking shows that the egg cooks perfectly at 65 degrees Celsius. That is because it's enough.

Meat does not require more than 70-80 degrees Celsius, depending on its type, to cook it correctly. I remember seeing a show about a famous London restaurant where the meat was eaten in this way at a low temperature.

I also remember what I read in my adolecent years, in a travel book, about how the native population of Polynesia was brewing (and cooking) a pig. There is the same inTahiti, Bora Bora, and other tropical islands of extraordinary beauty.

There were people who makes a hole not too deep in the sand of the beach, in an area that will not be shaded during the day. They then put thick palm leaves. The pig is prepared with delicate spices and filled with tropical fruits, then they cover everything with other palm leaves and then with sand. They then wait as the scorching sand of the beach slowly cooks everything so that in the evening, when the party begins, everything is cooked and the steak just "melts in your mouth." Click here.

Vegetables also cook well at temperatures well below boiling. However, there are still many who likes fried food or baked food. A piece of meat quickly fries in hot oil and can be ready in five minutes. It may have a good taste but fried foods are generally not good for the body. Especially those from fats and oils.

The Crock-Pot is basically an electric oven that cooks at low temperatures. The cooking time is long, but the appliance does not consume much (around 200 watts have the power, so two bulbs).

Food, electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, kitchen appliances, kitchen, kitchenware,

In addition, once you put all the ingredients in, you can choose the cooking time and the temperature, you can do what you want, you do not have to go any further. You can cook in four, five or even ten hours, but the result exceeds most expectations, and the food is much better than any top-quality restaurant

The advantages of slow cooker

The food is healthier because it will not contain hazardous substances produced at high temperatures. Too little fat, or not at all, should be added, the diet being less fat compared to a classic one.

Nutrients in foods are better preserved by low-temperature cooking. Excellent results can also be obtained with lower quality meat, so we do not have to buy only expensive beef.

The taste of the food is excellent. The oven can be placed directly on the table. It also has the function of storing warm food, or heating it.

Besides the remarkable results you can get with this electric pot, the slow cooker is handy in terms of the time you can save. Giving opportunity for making money as stay at home mom. All the time you need to cook, you can take care of other chores, or you can program the slow cooker to cook over the day, setting it to the low-temperature stage, and you are following the course of a day by going to work. You do not have to worry because the food will not stick, and the pot will automatically stop at the end. What is the more significant advantage of getting home and finding a warm meal awaiting you? It's like a chef would expect you with delicious and healthy food after a long and tiring day at work.
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