Friday, June 12, 2020

3 Unique Methods for Self-Defense

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Have you ever thought about how maintain personal safety Denver CO? In an active shooter situation, the general guidelines are run, hide and fight, in that order. Active shooter, home invader, assault or otherwise, it is good to consider different methods of self-protection in the event you have to fight. Here are three possibilities you may have never considered.

A Tactical Ballistic Shield Offers Protection From Fired Bullets

A tactical ballistic shield may not be something you have ever considered, but it could prove invaluable in the event you were in range of an active shooter. With a bulletproof shield, you can protect yourself as well as loved ones and others in the event of an emergency. Some shields can be personalized and hung as wall art, making them readily available should the need arise.

A Stun Ring Allows for Protection in Close Proximity

A stun ring looks like a regular piece of jewelry but functions as a method of self-defense. Pepper spray is housed inside the ring for use against an assailant in close quarters. The perpetrator thinks you have no means of protection, which allows you to catch them off guard and create an opportunity to get away.

A Bear Horn Startles Would-Be Attackers

A bear horn is another unique method of self-defense. Bear horns are loud and can be heard up to a half-mile away. They are beneficial in that they create a startle response, and a split second of confusion is sometimes all that is needed to get the upper hand, disarm the assailant or escape. In the event of an attack, every second counts.

No one wants to be involved in a life-threatening situation such as an active shooter situation or home invasion, but dangerous times call for protective measures. If you are looking for options outside of or in addition to standard personal weapons, these are a few items that can give you confidence, provide protection and get the job done.

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