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3 Key Landscape Maintenance Tips and the Tools You'll Need for the Job

The equipment you need to maintain your lawn depends on both the size of your lawn and the size of your budget. Luckily, most items are readily available at your local hardware store. Here are three key landscape maintenance tips and the tools you need to complete them.

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1. Cut and Trim Your Lawn

There are plenty of things in a lawn that need to be cut or trimmed back. Lawn mowers are essential items for cutting. The most common types are rotary and wheel. A rotary mower is always powered, and performs well on long, uneven grass. A reel mower may be manual or powered and gives a neat cut on a good-quality lawn. A half-moon edger is useful for trimming edges and for cutting and shaping sod. Finally, consider purchasing long-handled edging sheers, which will allow you to neaten the edges of an established lawn quickly and easily, and without danger of straining your back.

2. Maintain Your Landscape

Since your landscaping will require routine maintenance, you’ll need a few key tools to keep everything looking fresh and green. A garden fork can be used to prepare the ground before a lawn is seeded or sodded. A fork also comes in handy for aerating small, compacted areas in autumn. A spring-tined rake is useful for picking up leaves and small twigs. Sometimes, landscape maintenance requires an extra level of care. This usually depends upon the size of your yard, as well as just how good you want your landscape to look. A professional provider of Lawn Care Lakewood CO can handle the job of routine maintenance, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your beautiful grounds!

3. Water Your Greenery

Watering is essential for keeping your home’s landscaping in beautiful shape. Unless you have a tiny yard, a garden hose is a must-have item. An oscillating sprinkler can deliver water evenly over a rectangular area or a rotating sprinkler, which covers a circular area, will make watering your lawn an almost effortless task. For an alternative approach to watering, consider installing olla pots throughout your garden. These terra-cotta vessels, which only need to be filled about once per week, will slowly provide water to the roots of your plants, allowing for slow and steady water absorption.

Bringing your landscape up to par will enhance the overall enjoyment you receive from your home. By following these tips, you’ll be ready to make your landscape look better than ever!
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