Saturday, June 27, 2020

Father's Day 2020 Quarantine Edition

If there's a Mother's Day 2020 ECQ Edition, there's Father's Day 2020 Quarantine Edition too.

Celebrating special occasions in the house is the new normal and we need to get used to it. It is safer than dining out right? Besides we can't take our children out too. So this Father's day, unlike the previous years, we celebrate it at home.

Our not so little boy was so thoughtful to make a donut cake for his Dad. Look at that little boy's look of admiration towards his Dad.

When he woke up he told me he will get a donut and put candle on it to give to his Daddy. Kasi daw iginawa naman daw sya ng Daddy ng pancake noong birthday nya. Such a loving boy!

It was a Sunday and we spent the whole morning cleaning and organizing things at home. Daddy A cleaned his garden naman.

I thought of just ordering food, however, fully booked na mga food deliveries around. Craving for pancit malabon pa naman. I should have done it the day before pala. My bad!

That's why even if the preggy mom was not feeling well, I got up and cooked. In less than an hour, I finished cooking spaghetti. Our little boy naman cooked siomai, shanghai and hotdog. Then we still have donuts, soda and juice in the refrigerator. There, we have our Father's Day lunch.

For dinner, I ordered liempo with free kimchi (hindi sya kasi umabot sa lunch so dinner na nadeliver). We have sweet corn, left over shanghai and siomai, lettuce from Daddy A's garden and Tiramisu.

Good food is always at home right? That's how we celebrate Father's day. Actually, is not about the food. It's the thoughts that counts. Agree?

To my best half, Happy Fathers's Day. We are so lucky to have you especially in these trying times. You make my pregnancy journey easier. Thank you for always cooking for us. For understanding my mood swings. For thinking about us first. For always taking care of us. You have loved me even when I am not lovable at all. Time tested us so many times but we always choose to stay that makes our love much stronger. There's no perfect relationship and the storms we brave are tests that will just make us better. Soon we will be four. God is so good for blessing us with another bundle of joy. He definitely has the best plan for us. Let's keep our faith in Him stronger. May God blessed you with good health and keep you safe always. We love you so much.

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