Monday, June 22, 2020

Matthew Andrei's 10th Birthday Quarantine Celebration

Last week, our little boy celebrated his 10th birthday. Since we are still in we are still in General Community Quarantine, he had a quarantine birthday celebration. In short, wala syang bisita unlike his 9th birthday and the previous celebration, where my in-laws were here. Also, my father-in-law passed away last March so this year's celebration is so different.

Anyway, even if it's the same celebration you used to have, we made sure he will enjoy his birthday kahit kaming tatlo lang. So Daddy set up this.

Daddy A cooked pancake too as his surprise cake.

Since we have work, celebration started late afternoon. Daddy A made sure he bought all the food he loves.

See that smile?

He asked for pizza and fried chicken.

Our little boy is a pizza monster.

We ordered this baked macaroni too.

I told him to dress up for our photo ops but he refused to.

Mukhang gutom na sya kasi, haha.

The night before his birthday, he told me wala man lang daw syang gift. We can't go to toy store so I asked Daddy A to buy him Sharpie pens, graphing notebook and drawing books.

When he saw the paper bag, he can't hide his excitement and wanted to try them right away.

This boy is so mababaw. Kahit simpleng ballpen matutuwa na sya. I am happy that he is not materialistic. I also thank God for keeping him safe and healthy always.

"To our not so little boy, always remember that we are here for you no matter what. We will support and love you in whatever endeavor you will take. I know you will be a good kuya. I will never love you less anak. You will always be our first love. We love you to bits anak."
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