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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth in Teens

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When your child reaches their teenage years, braces aren't the only dental treatment you may be dealing with. Most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed in their late teen or young adult years. Failure to do so can lead to tooth alignment problems, pain and even infection. A dentist will keep an eye on this area and offer recommendations for when it's time to take action. Here's how you can be prepared to deal with the situation.

Meet With an Oral Surgeon

Talk with a glen ellyn dental care professional to start the process. At your initial consultation, you can expect an examination along with X-rays to determine the best course of action. In some situations, it may not be necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. However, if it is important or beneficial to do so, surgery will be scheduled.

Plan for Ample Recovery Time

During wisdom tooth removal, the patient is usually heavily sedated, often times completely unconscious. It may take some time for the sedatives to wear off, even though patients are usually sent home right away once the procedure is complete. While some people only experience minor pain and swelling for a day or two, others may require about a week of down time to recover. This usually depends on the number and size of the teeth removed and the depth of the roots.

Practice Healthy Home Care

Use ice packs and medication to manage pain and swelling as directed until the discomfort subsides. It's also important to keep the area clean to prevent an infection from developing. Another important practice is to avoid using a straw or spitting too often during healing. This can prohibit clots from forming and may lead to dry sockets, a very painful condition. If this occurs, the oral surgeon or dentist may prescribe a pain reliever and pack the incision site.

Having wisdom teeth removed is a normal part of adolescence. By knowing what's ahead, you can prepare for smoother process.

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