Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Online Promos

Hi again! Just 3 days to go and I'm sharing some of the links where you can find promos and Christmas giveaways but of course you need to join.

1. Cliptec Ph and Yuga Tech - they have some promos you can participate with. Go here for more details.

2. Photography blogger - a DSLR camera so hurry

3. Make or Break - She has several giveaways there.

4. Globe Business - I think they always have free phone raffles just make sure you completed their Leader Quiz to have a valid entry.

5. UnBEElievable: Health natural supplements - a basket of their natural products

6. Pizza Hut Philippines - Christmas E-card making contest

7. Dairy Queen Philippines - giving away 1000 peso-gift check but you need to upload your family photo with your Christmas wish.

These are just of the few promos I have joined and you can join too. By the way, you need a twitter and facebook account for most of the Promos.

Goodluck to us and I hope I'm the luckiest this Christmas!

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