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UPDATED: A vaccine guide (from 0 to 3 years old)

I would like to share my son's record book that includes his immunization chart.

the cover

the first page with his picture and his tag
chart 1
chart 2
@2 weeks: His Pediatrician (Dr. Rory Gonzales) recommends Cherifer Drops as his vitamins but we prefer Tiki-Tiki Drops then Growee Drops after 2 months)
@1 month: Hepatitis B (second dose, first dose was already given immediately after his birth together with BCG vac.)
@2 months: DPT+Polio+HiB or what they called 5-in-1 vaccine (first dose)
@3 months: DPT+Polio+HiB (second dose)
@4 months: Rotavirus (first dose)
@5 months: Rotavirus (second and last dose)
@6 months: DPT+Polio+HiB+HpB or 6-in-1 vaccine that includes Hepa B (third and last dose)
@7 months: Measles
@9 months: Chicken Pox
@11 months: Flu or Influenza (first dose)
@12 months:  Flu or Influenza (second dose)
@15 months: MMR
Note: You may click each photos for larger view.

His next appointment will be a booster for DPT+Polio+HiB (5-in-1 vaccine) on January 23, 2012 (a holiday :)).

One thing I really like about my son's pediatrician is very organized and he will paste the labels of the vaccine in the baby book pages. And also, he writes the price of the next vaccine so we can prepare for it.

Here's the summary and price:
Age: Vaccine
Price (PhP)
1 day:      HpB1+BCG                        
800.00 (with Philhealth discount)
1 month:  HpB2                                   
2 months: DPT1+Polio1+HiB1            
3 months: DPT2+Polio2+HiB2             
4 months: Rotavirus1                           
5 months: Rotavirus2                           
6 months: DPT3+Polio3+HiB3+HpB3
7 months: Measles                               
9 months: Chicken Pox                        
11 months: Flu1                                   
12 months: Flu2                                   
15 months: MMR                              
19 months: DPT+Polio+HiB booster
22 months: Hepa A
24 months: Pneumococcal
26 months: Flu (annual)
1,200.00 (August 15, 2012)
2 ½ years: Typhoid
For sched

Flu or Influenza will be annually vaccinated as per his pediatrician, and will be given sometime this coming August.

It is really expensive to have a complete vaccination but it is worth the price since I can be assured that my son is protected against deadly virus. Though the vaccine will not guarantee total prevention or acquisition of the particular viruses, but you can assure of lesser complications on its onset. 

You can get most of the vaccines free in your local health center. Just get the schedule of their vaccination day.

Again, prevention is better than cure so better invest now on health than be sorry tomorrow.

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