Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rainy Sunday with My Two Boys

Been busy for the pass weeks that is why weekend (especially Sunday) is the most anticipated day of the week. Unfortunately, it was raining hard and the weather is a "bed weather" indeed.

So after breakfast, me, hubby and our little son Matt, went back to our bedroom and made "kulitan". After kulitan, we fell asleep.

I thought it was already night when I looked at our window. It was still raining and still gloomy outside. Since Matt was already up and soaking wet, I decided to went down stairs and clean up Matt.

I went to Matt's room and saw his milk can is almost empty. So I told my husband we should buy milk. We dressed up and go out, in the middle of the rain. Unluckily, our car's tire got pricked with a spring so we have to bring the car to nearest vulcanizing shop.

So after vulcanizing the tire, we went straight to SM Marilao. We do window shopping first. We look for what to buy for Christmas so next week it will be easier to shop. Then we passed by here:

Even for just awhile, Im sure our son have enjoyed it. Our little time with him every weekend is so precious. His smile always makes me smile, even when I can't see it.

Look at him, isn't he's a cutie pie with two little dimples?

I love this boy so much and I don't know why! :)

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