Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MCP November Fan Page: My Baby and Me winner

I was really suprise last night to know that my entry was chosen by MomCenter Philippines as their November Fan Page: My Baby and Me winner.

Here is my entry:

With me is my 16-month old son, Matthew Andrei.

He is the completion of once I thought impossible. I was able to bear all the hardships and pain of carrying him in my womb for 38 weeks, and surviving the day he came out into this world. 

Motherhood is something I do not dream of, but when I have tasted the joy it brings I wouldn’t want to quit.He makes our everyday life easier and happier. He takes away all our pains and worries. His laughter, giggles and squeals are far better than any anti-stress medicine available in the market. After a long day of work, I cannot help myself but smile whenever I see his smile. I am being paid by being a Chemist. 

I am not paid by being a Mom. Which is more difficult? I must admit, being a mom is more difficult. You have to be on duty 24 hours, you have no rest day and have to work 7 days a week! But this is the most rewarding work on earth and serving your family is the noblest job anyone can have.

I am really proud to be a MOM. That is why sharing this is not just for the contest but for all of us (moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, friends, etc) who have Moms. Continue to love and adore our Moms coz they deserve it much.

Thanks again MomCenter Philippines.
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