Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Natural Mom of the Week

When it rain, it pours!

After MCP have chosen my entry as their November Fanpage contest winner, here comes Natural Mom by Ascof.

I’m very please to share that Natural Mom by Ascof had chosen Momaye to be their First Natural Mom of the week.

Yes, I am a Natural Mom. We have many herbal plants in our mini garden.

Cat Whisker or "Balbas Pusa"


We usually take these first before taking any prescribed medicine. Oregano is very helpful with us since we have a baby. Since he is 1-day old we are giving it to him. As old folks said, aside from its use for colds, it is very good to remove the "taon" in babies. We also have Serpentina which has an antibiotic property. This is very bitter (even bitter than brood coffee) that even its smallest leaf you can't chew. What we do is we blanch it with boiled water then mix with tea or just water. Serpetina is also good in removing lumps and nodes in the body. Another herbal plant we have is the Cat's Whisker or "Balbas Pusa". You can take is as a tea and is good in removing gall and kidney stones.

There you go. These are just some of the plants we have at home. My husband likes to plant even we do not have a spaceful garden. He will just plant them in empty milk cans and we also buy pots.

And for cough we use Lagundi Syrup and Capsule from Ascof, which are much cheaper as compared to their synthetic counterparts (carbocisteine). I recently bought capsule from Mercury Drugs and is almost half the price of leading brand carbocisteine capsule. My husband took it and in just 2 days he was relieved from coughing.

Again thank you Natural Mom by Ascof for choosing me as your First Natural Mom of the Week.

For more details you can go to Natural Moms.
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