Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PFMC Christmas Party 2011

Our company's annual Christmas Partry was held last December 10, 2011 at our Feedmill's compound.

Since we are too early, we took the advantage to have some photos at the stage.

The early birds... QA Department!

Me and my husband...

The Parol contest winner... from QA Laboratory Department! Whoohooo!

Presenting the candidates for Ms. Produ 2011!
Ms. Receiving

Ms. Production-Pellet

Ms. Admin

Ms. Production-Batching
More pictures...

Our guest carrolers.

The night got even exciting because of the raffles, unfortunately I didn't won. My husband and my other co-Lab personnel won some grocery items. I said I'm reserving my luck for our Main Office Party on December 18, 2011, in which I won a brand new TV. yey! Blessings kept on pouring. Thank God for this year and  for the blessings yet to to come. We are praying much for the 14th month pay hopefully this January! AMEN.
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