Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Merry Thank You(s)

It is just 11 days to go before CHRISTmas and blessings just keep on pouring!

First, I would like to thank MomCenter Philippines for choosing me again as their Fan of the Week. It's my 2nd time and its not obvious that I go very frequent on their page :).

Then another big thanks to NIVEA Baby Philippines for choosing my manifesto for their free  Mommy Mundo Urban Mom 24/7 Planner promo.

This is the Mommy Mundo Urban Mom 24/7 Planner that I am very excited to have. I will surely carry it in my bag always!

Here's my manifesto - pledge and promise to take care of your baby's skin:

Choosing what suits my toddler’s sensitive skin is hard. He is growing fast that I think baby wash is not just enough. Good thing I saw this Tenderly Caring Cream Soap from NIVEA Baby Philippines. It is hypoallergenic that is why I immediately tried it on my son. Fortunately, it suits his sensitive skin. That is why from then on, I promise to take care of son’s skin using NIVEA Baby Tenderly Caring Cream Soap. I will try their Nutrisensitive Milk Lotion next time.

Again a Merry Thank You(s) MCP and Nivea Baby Phil.!

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