Friday, March 9, 2012

BC Bloggers

Last year, I have come across Mommy Diary site and I have noticed this BC Bloggers badge. To my curiosity I click the link and the rest is history.

I never knew that I can earn money through blogging because my main intention in creating my blog is for personal reasons only. I just want a diary where I can put my thoughts, my motherhood and parenting experiences. Through blog hopping, I have learned so much about those mommies working online and earning money. Since then, I have longed to be a stay-at-home mom, work online and take care of my son. I am still hoping because being a working mom is not really easy.

BC Bloggers is a community that helps bloggers to connect with other bloggers. Through this you can easily connect with different bloggers, build network and fill up your blog roll fast. The good news is that BC Bloggers has expanded from link building with our fellow bloggers to link building with advertisers. Link exchange is a way to promote your blog to able to build rank and to get more traffic for your blog. The higher your blog’s rank, the more appealing it is to advertisers. As they always say, you do not have to beg for links in BC Bloggers.

It is really helpful, especially to bloggers like me who wish to earn money online too. Hopefully, I will be able to make my wish come true through the help of BC Bloggers.

To know more about BC Bloggers, click here.
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