Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I am Missing (as a Working Mom)

I said it several times already. It's hard to be a working mom, not just physically but much difficult, emotionally. After what had happened to my son last week, I really wanted to just stay at home and take care of him.

Since the accident, my son became extra malambing with me. For the whole week I am with him, it was like he only sees mommy and when I’m out of his sight he will scream “Mommy!”. I can’t even go to comfort room or take a bath without making him sleep first. He doesn’t want anyone but mommy. I thought he was just sick then but even now when we arrive from work, no one can touch him except mommy.

What is really good about him is that he doesn’t make habol when we are about to go to work. I think he actually understand that we need to go to work but we will be back later. As soon as he sees mommy home from work, he will stick to me no matter what.

We are blessed to have a son that is adorable, lovable and bright. I must admit that one of my frustration as a working mom is my lack of time to teach him. But mind you, he is learning on his own from the learning video he is watching every day and from the educational toys we bought for him.
Look at him here. I was surprised to learn that he already knows all the shapes. (Sorry, medyo malabo pala.)

I have yet to take video of him reciting the alphabet and the numbers because when he sees me holding the camera he will make it agaw. We are happy when we are watching him watching his learning videos. Why? Kasi naman inuunahan pa nya un video nya. So bright, right? One proud mommy here, lol!

I know God has a better plan for us and that one day, what my heart desires will come true. In  Jesus name, Amen 
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