Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Make Money Online

earn money online

Being a working mom is very difficult and I need to manage my time for my work and my family. Especially that I have a son, I really want to stay at home and just look after him.

In my search for online home-based job I have discovered several ways on how to make money online.

Blogging.  Since I am a mommy blogger, this is what I have learned first. You can actually start with a free blog. You need to find a decent free blog flat form like and then define your niche or your main interest, and start posting. Choosing a blog’s subject is very important since you need to consider your viewers interests. Make your blogging a daily routine to invite readers and create more traffic. Then you can accept paid advertisement and product reviews. That's how to make money through blogging.

Freelance Writing. If you have a passion for writing or think you are good at it then you can apply as a freelance writer. There are sites like oDesk (now UpWork) that offers many writing jobs both full time and part time. It depends on what you prefer for.  You can also earn money by selling your articles. You can join sites that will give you topics to write for and then ask you to submit it within a period of time.

Paid-to-Click Ads and Surveys. You can also earn extra money by joining paid-to-click sites. They will ask you to click ads with an equivalent amount. Also you can earn money through taking surveys and then the site will pay you either through cash or through points convertible to cash or gift checks.

Joining Blog Giveaways. If you are a blog hopper then you can earn money through this. Many bloggers are organizing giveaways like cash ($) usually thru paypal, giftcards and different products from their reviews or sponsors. You must have a valid email address, and most of the times they will require you to have a Facebook, a Google+ or a Twitter account for the tasks. Joining is easy and no purchase is required. Just follow the instructions to fill in a form or the easy rafflecopter button.

Online Selling. You can actually sell even with no cash capital. How? You can start by selling your personal things that you are not using. In case of a mom like me, you can sell your baby’s pre-loved clothes, shoes and toys. You just need a camera to shoot a photo of the items for sale then post them at buy and sell websites. You can also sell using your Facebook page. The money that you will earn from it can be used as your capital to buy more stuff that you can sell. But always be careful not to be swindled by a bogus buyer.

Note: Having a Paypal or Alertpay account is very important because most of the payments are through this.  

There are lots of ways to earn money online and you can even earn money through discussions. But always be careful not to be scammed. As much as possible avoid sites that require you to pay for membership.

You can actually earn more money online at home than working full time outside home. What really excites me is the fact that I can command my own time and be with my son 24/7. But it is not that easy as everyone thinks. You need to study how, establish yourself especially if you are from other field like me, have patience and always be trustful.
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