Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning Starts at Home

They say that our mothers are our first teacher. And now being a mother that is one of my duties, to teach my son not only to read and write but to be a good and loving individual.

So we bought ABC posters at National Bookstore. We chose animals and fruits/flowers ABC, ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colors.

Excited much, we post it in our bedroom wall so that every night before we go to sleep I can teach him.

As a working mom, the only time I can teach my son is before bedtime and during weekends. I am not pushing my son to learn them all at once but I am encouraging him to love to learn so I will not have a hard time teaching him later.
Matt: Mom, fruits muna?

Matt: Kakang (for pagkain)

Matt: Saging
I teach my son to be Bilingual for effective communication. To learn about it read this: "A is for Apple, B is for Bola": Teaching Kids to be Bilingual from Smart Parenting website.
eto nakakatawa, eat daw nya un grapes.

Matt: hinde masarap mommy

and he dunks

shapes naman... Star!

animals... PIG!

See, even for 30 minutes every night I can teach my son all he needs to learn. Imagine if I am a stay at home mom already, I bet he already knows all the animals, fruits, shapes and colors. He can even recite ABC and 123 by now. He is still young though, but this is the age when he can easily absorb and learn so many things. That is why we are really careful on what we are saying because he imitates whatever he hears.

How about you moms, how do you teach your child?

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