Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Worst Day Ever

March 19, 2012 should have been a happy day for us since it was Daddy Allan’s birthday. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare for my family.

My son was rushed to the hospital due to burn from hot water. Upon hearing it, I froze and I stumbled. I immediately shutdown my PC, grabbed my things and my phone. I called my husband and told him about it and asked him to drive back our work place as soon as possible. As soon as he arrived, we went straight to the hospital.

It was my longest travel ever. I was very emotional and in tears. I called our phone at home and someone answered telling me that my son was rushed to the hospital due to burns on his face and chest. The blood went up to my head, I was cold and my heart really aches. I love my son so much that I don’t allow any ant or mosquito bites him. I don’t even allow him to play outside for fear that he might fall and have wounds. So why is this horrible thing happen to my son?

You could just imagine how I keep on praying and crying at the same time. I asked my husband to drive fast so we could reach the hospital. Immediately after our car was park, I jumped and run to the Emergency Room. There I saw my helpless son crying so loud. It melts my heart to see him in that way. He looked at me calling “Mommy!”, I breakdown and cry. My husband hugged me tight and said that everything will be okay.

Fortunately, the wounds are not deep and look like blisters but the burnt skin should be removed to avoid infections and darkening.  Somehow, I was relieved when his eyes are alright and the doctor told us to not panic because it was not that serious. I held his hands and kissed him saying “baby it’s gonna be okay”. After it was cleaned and dressed, my son fell asleep. He was tired I know and I held him tight.

We brought him home and as per the doctor, he was safe to take home and don’t need to be confined. At home, I called my boss that I will file an indefinite leave because I want to take care of my son until he is fine, and he said yes I can take my leave. I know his healing will be faster when I am beside him all throughout.

How does he got the burns? His lola told him that he will take a bath and as a bright toddler who knows the preparation, he helped his lola get the thermos. Unfortunately, the pout of the thermos was open and Daddy forgot to close it. See, some simple things are really important.

My son is a bright and independent boy. He observes everything around him and will do things by himself. He will clean up his toys after playing and put it back to where it came from. And most of all, he is a very helpful little man.

Day 1.

Here is my son after the accident. The wounds need to be dressed to avoid infections.

Day 2.

Wounds are still fresh but that doesn't bring down his high spirit. Children are really source of happiness and peace.

Back to his daily normal life.

Day 3.
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his favorite!
Playing easel after.

Day 4.

He is really doing well. wounds all dried up fast.
His appetite does not change, he is super matakaw.

With Mommy.

His wounds dried so fast and he had flat pinkish marks on his right face and chest. We patiently apply pure Vitamin E oil and Virgin Coconut Oil, after hot bath or compress of grean tea+guava leaves+serpentina leaves, to remove the scar and I'm glad its effective. I am still waiting fro the almond oil that my Kumare will send me. They say, like VCO, it will reduce the scar's redness but it is lighter to skin.

By the way, he had phobia with that thermos and he will look around first to look for that. When he see the thermos, he will say "babagsakan ka nyan!", as in in straight sentence.

Its really amazing how this little man can make us smile and how he can cause us to stumble. I know it happens for a reason and God will not give us this test without learning.

With his Daddy!

We went out last Sunday to drop his lola in Pulilan then drive thru his favorite bee, Jollibee. We can not go to crowded place yet since he is not totally healed.

I am really thankful that the accident did not create a serious injury on my son and does not damage his eyes. I know that accidents really happen so we are taking super extra precautions to prevent it from happening again. God is really good he save my son from much injuries.

That's it, I am emotional up to now. I hope this will never happen again.
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