Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Make a Website

You are probably thinking why you need to create your own website and buy your own domain when you can have a free blog/website. Well, as I have mentioned before free website can be deleted anytime. Free website does not have its own domain name (i.e., and if you want to have a domain name you’ll have to pay for it for more than you should. Companies offering free website may take advantage over your blog by posting ads all over it and removing theses ads will require you to pay money for a premium package, which includes most of the really good features.

So if your intention is to really earn money from blogging or website then go and buy your own domain for your website to have its own web address. Having your own domain name means your web address is yours and you’ll have an assurance of not losing your months, or even years of hard work.

To create a website, there are four easy steps you can follow.

Register a domain name. A domain name will represent the URL of your website (i.e. You need to be careful in registering a domain name because the readers create their first impression about your website from your domain name. Make your domain name appropriate to the subject of your website, simple and catchy, concise and with the right extension (.com, .org or .net).

Register your domain name through a hosting provider, and check if your preferred domain name is still available. You can register and pay for your domain name either annually, or you register it many years in advance. Registration fees may range from $10 to as much as $45

Acquire a web host account and connect with your domain. You will need a web host or hosting provider to make your website accessible for the world to see.  They are the company with equipment and technical capabilities to make your website 24hours/7days available to the world. Be careful in choosing hosting provider. As much as possible, avoid those that offers low pricing if you want your website to run smoothly and with minimal period of down times. Search and select an established web host.

After choosing the best web host, you need to connect your domain and your web host account. Go back to your domain provider and follow instructions in connecting your domain with your web host provider.

Build and customized your website. After connecting your domain name and web host, you need to create and build your website. The easiest way is to use the free website builders from your host provider. You may also prefer to build your website by yourself but you need to learn about html.

You may buy website template or download a free website editors. Through website editor you can preview how your site will look once it is built, and it provides all the important and detailed procedures you can do in customizing your website. You can upload photos from your PC’s hard disk, make your own personalized header, and change the color theme and even the blockings of your website to satisfy your taste.

Upload useful content and posts. The contents should be helpful, concise and relevant to encourage your webpage visitors to read the entire post. You should make your posts or contents interesting so that visitors will come back and be your regular readers.

Publish and promote your website. Once you have finished customizing and adding contents or posts then publish your website.  There are free ways to promote your blog. You can visit different blogs or websites you are interested with, and leave a comment with the link to your website. You can also visit different forums and place your website URL in your profile name. If you have social media accounts like Face book and Twitter, then you can also use them to promote your website or blog.

Now that you already have your own website with your own domain, then you are ready to make money from it. Keep in mind that it is not an overnight success. Be patient, work hard, be creative and up to date, and always be a learner.
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