Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello December!

Yes, hello December! 

Welcome to the most favorite month of the year.

Hello to traffic jam and shopping rush too, lol. But it's okay because December is still love. Because who doesn't love the cool December breeze that makes us so lazy to get up from our soft bed every morning? And what about the shining Christmas lights and the beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere, most especially at our home?

Of course aside from Christmas lights and decorations, we are also excited about gift giving. Our son just got his early Christmas gift from us for behaving well in school.

Looks like rewards works pretty well with this boy. I hope he will continue behaving well in school, because the last thing I want to do is to punish him

Speaking of gifts, have you already completed your Christmas gift list? Daddy and I started to complete our list and we found these cute affordable coin purse that's perfect for giveaway.

Illustrazio coin purse

I am also excited for the food. Daddy is getting better with baking. Just recently, he baked yummy cupcakes and banana bread.

Also, for this month, we will stop receiving made to order crochet items, and this probably be the last batch of MTO for this year.

Crochet Hats and Booties available at Mom and Dad Crochet
Actually, I am still receiving inquiries for MTO. But Daddy and I agreed to stop receiving orders so we can rest and enjoy the holidays. Also, we want to make crochet accessories for our home.

For sure, the days will become busier and busier as we approach the Christmas day. Let us not forget the true essence of Christmas and that is the birth of Christ. And don't forget to give not just material things but more love.

Wishing everyone advance Merry Christmas!
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