Tuesday, December 23, 2014

His First Christmas Party in School

Yesterday, I posted about Matthew's first educational field trip. Today naman, it's all about his first Christmas party in school.

Last Friday, December 19, Matthew's school held their 2014 Christmas party. The little boy was over excited because we told him Santa will give them gifts on that day. So I told him to write a letter to Santa on what he wants for Christmas.

His teacher told us that instead of the usual exchange gift, the parents will send gifts for their kids. They reminded us also not to tell our kids so as to surprise them. That's why when Daddy and I got a chance to go to the mall without Matthew, we bought his wish gift... Bumblebee!

But before the gift giving, they had a short program and the kids in Kinder had a Christmas prayer presentation.

Note: Some photos are grabbed from Facebook.

Then after their short program, Jollibee came over to greet the kids. Unfortunately, Ate Jenny failed to take photos of Matthew and Jollibee. Pinagkaguluhan na daw kasi pati mga parents na present, hehe.

So the little boy just content himself by watching Jollibee at this far corner.

After eating their Jollibee meals, they had their gift giving. And look who's the happiest after he received his gift. 

I called him up and asked him what Santa gave him and he excitedly told me it's a big Bumblebee. Wish granted!

It's an addition to his sleep companions.

By the way, I have learned that Matthew's BFF in school got the same gift too. They are both so happy :)

Photo grabbed from Facebook

Truly, Christmas is for kids and kids at heart.

Advance Merry Christmas!
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