Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On Christmas Exchange Gift

Since it's already December, expect that there will be a lot of parties and gatherings.One of which is Christmas party, and this year we will have our traditional exchange gift. Last year, we didn't have an exchange gift instead we donate the money to Yolanda victims.

So last Sunday, after hearing a mass, Daddy, Matthew and I went to the mall to look for possible gifts we can write on our wishlist. Wishlist is helpful so as to give us a clue on what we can give to our monito or monita. But before I go on, here's our family selfie :)

I thought we can easily find something to write on our wishlist, but I was wrong as it took as almost 2 hours walking around the department store. We also did some shopping, until I find this.

My Christmas Wish Gift

Yes it's a flat iron. Our flat iron that's 6 years old needs to be replace already. This is just perfect as it's price is a little over 500 pesos only. And what about Daddy? 

photo source : SMAC deals
A Tornado Mop for Daddy because our floor mop just broke down. Yes, we are just practical. We try choose items that can be really useful  to us.

Then we passed through the appliance center and saw this 42" Smart TV! I was charmed while watching a man playing a saxophone on that Smart TV. Speaking of saxophone, I wonder where to buy soprano saxophone? That can be an awesome musical instrument to learn right?

Yay! Do I sound too excited for our Christmas party? Hehe... How about you? Do you already have your monito or monita?
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