Monday, December 22, 2014

Matthew Andrei's First Educational Field Trip

Last Monday, Matthew had his first educational field trip in Laguna. It's very fortunate that his fever has subsided. He had a high fever since Saturday afternoon and he just laid down the whole Sunday.

It's so painful to see him like that. Our little boy is always hyper kasi. That's why I will never used to see him sick and weak. Thankfully, before evening he's feeling better and his fever subsided.

That smile already calmed me, as if he's telling me "Mommy don't worry, I'm okay!" I know Matthew is such a strong boy and he can always easily fight sickness. Also, I kept telling him we will go to his first educational field trip. And we did, thank God!

Our first destination was Bahay ni Rizal in Laguna. We were greeted with heavy traffic in the metro and rain shower so early that morning. Thus, we arrived two hours late in Bahay ni Rizal. We were informed that we cannot enter na since we didn't meet our appointment time. Bahay ni Rizal pala is only open from Tuesday to Sunday. Our tour guide just negotiate for our visit since it's Monday. We took photos na lang.

To made up for not seeing Bahay ni Rizal, we went to the nearby Church where Rizal was baptized. Then we crossed the street to take some photos at the largest banga.

Then off we went to the tallest statue of Rizal.

After taking photos at Rizal's statue, we went to Makiling Botanic Gardens.

Unfortunately, the rain poured so we immediately ran into the bus for fear that Matthew will be sicked again. We took our lunch inside the bus na lang and waited for others to come in.

Then off we went to our most awaited destination - Enchanted Kingdom! But we have encountered another heavy traffic jam going out of Calamba, Laguna. It took us almost two hours to finally reached Enchanted Kingdom.

We waste no time and immediately went inside. Look at our boy. Parang hindi kakagaling sa lagnat.

Matthew's smile was ear to ear when he saw the grand carousel.

Actually, I never tried riding a carousel and other kiddie rides because I had a motion sickness when I was a kid. In other words I am mahilohin. So this is my first time. Hurray!

Hindi mapakali ang Matthew because he's seeing so many rides. He tried this kiddie playground twice.

We rode this dino egg too.

When he saw these planes, he ran fast to the entrance. I was nervous because the plane was turning around so fast but when I saw Matthew enjoying so much, okay na ko. He called the plane "Dusty".

Matthew went fishing too at this booth and he ended up getting a Nemo and crayon stuffed toys.

At heto na... I never thought I can ride a Ferris wheel and I never imagine riding one as tall as this. Also, our little boy was brave too because if Daddy and I were so nervous, he's playful pa while our ride stopped at the top.

Daddy braved this swinging swing too. Sorry I forgot what's the name of this ride. Tamad mag-Google, haha!

I had a hard time taking photos of him while riding the swing. Nag-aalala pa si Matthew when he can not see his Daddy above us. When he finally saw his Daddy, he excitedly screamed "Ayun na si Daddy!"

 We have enjoyed Enchanted Kingdom as much as Matthew did.

Thank God the rain stopped right when we arrived in EK. Matthew was so amazed with the fire works display.

This is the first we had a whole day of bonding. So sulit na lahat ng pagod, aberya at gastos. Seeing how happy our boy was, this is truly an enchanting experience.

By the way, photo credits to our official photographer. Thanks Daddy Allan!

Happy Monday!
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