Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Craft Projects for 2015

Mandala floor rug

Hello everyone! It's mid-week already and we are down to the 3rd week of January. Time flies so fast talaga ano? Since I cannot do something about it, I'll just fly with time. Lol.

Anyway, I have already listed down my goals for 2015. Actually, after reading again the list, I feel it's incomplete because I forgot to mention about my craft projects for 2015. But I think my craft projects for 2015 deserve its own post so let me share with with you.

Crochet home decorations.

We have been crocheting for more than two years now. I never stop crocheting since we started but I crochet mostly for the orders. That's why I haven't crochet any home decor except for the simple tassel I made for our curtain. I feel envious every time I see crocheter (from a Facebook crochet group I belong) showing their home decor projects. I think its high time I should do more of crochet home decors since we already decided to limit the orders we will accept.

To start, I plan to crochet a Mandala floor rug (photo above) since we have many t-shirt yarn rug at home. But before this, I am currently crocheting a blanket rug to cover our old sofa at our terrace. Once I am through with it, I'll show it to you.


Daddy bought a handy sewing machine almost two years ago. I used it once and never used it again. It's not that friendly kasi, or I just don't know how to sew, lol.

JML Easy StitchMax

This year, I am determined to learn how to sew but I want a sturdy, more durable  and easy to use sewing machine. I already have a prospect to buy but I need to plan when to buy because it's a bit expensive. So I started saving for it using the 52-week money challenge, wherein I will start at 10 pesos with 5-peso increment every week.

Invites and Souvenirs.

I have design several invitations already. We do crochet souvenirs too and I have planned to make and sell invites last year pa,. Unfortunately, I have no printer of my own. Since we are busy with crocheting, I set this plan aside. But this year, I will really push this project as this is less time consuming than crocheting. Besides, we really need a printer at home. I have lots of photos for printing.

Do it yourself Mickey Mouse invitation

Photo frame and scrapbook.

When we already have a printer at home, I will print our photos, put them in frames and display them everywhere inside our home. Lol. I will also try to do scrapbook again. We have spare albums at home pa pala that I have discovered when we did a general cleaning last week.

So far, that's all my craft projects for 2015. I'll focus on making crafts that I can use to decorate our home. Oh, I want to learn how to knit too but I think it's not feasible this year. Maybe I'll include it na lang in my 2016 list.

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