Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Busy Weekend... Crocheting and Kite Flying

Hello guys! Have you noticed that we are almost half through January? Oh my G! That's the favorite expression of our son. Wala lang! Haha!

Sorry medyo ngarag lang ang peg because 4 days na akong kulang sa tulog. Why? We are finishing the last crochet MTOs we have accepted last year. Actually, our plan last December was to not accept orders anymore. But a bulk order came that we can't resist. We thought January 15 pa naman need but hey that's tomorrow already. In short napasubo kami ni Daddy A. So we have no choice but finish the bulk order of 400 mini booties lang naman. Here are the mini booties we have finished already.

Crocheting mini booties is actually harder than the big ones. We are done crocheting all the boots, chucks and booties, but what is time consuming and difficult is to put the small embellishments.

After this I promise to not accept orders muna. We badly need rest. Also, I really feel guilty when our little boy makes lambing and we cannot reciprocate it. He even told us busy daw kami masyado that we cannot go out. 

Thank God her Tita Rona, my sister, is here. By the way, we have no househelp/yaya now. That's another sorry naman, hehe. So Tita Rona is a good entertainer and she patiently followed him anywhere he go. Last Sunday, they went to the new playground in our village. Then a just few minutes the three of them (including my mother) were rushing to our home. I asked them why and Tita Rona told me that Matthew saw kids flying kites. Mahangin kasi.

Naku hindi mapakali ang Matthew. Because he saw that the kids's kites are made up or plastic bags lang akala nya it's that easy to make that kites na. Fortunately, Daddy knew how to make a kite. We stopped crocheting and pinagtulungan naming gawin ang kite ni bulilit.

Just look at how impatient Matthew was. We were laughing because he kept on saying "ang tagal naman p nyan Daddy, mawawala na yun araw!". Daddy told him to wait because if they will rush it, the kite might not be sturdy.

The boy jumped when his kite was finally done. He can't hide his excitement and happiness while they were testing the kite.

Daddy accompanied him to the vacant field where other kids are flying their kites.

When they got home, Matthew kept on telling me how high his kite flies. I can see he's so happy. Kids are really easy to please and they will always appreciate things, big or small. Most especially, it's the time we give them that makes them the happiest. That's why, it's one of my goals for 2015. To spend more time with my family and to give our son more of our time.

How about you. How's your weekend?

Have a Blessed week everyone!
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