Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today I am So Proud!

Yes, I can't be any prouder. Our little boy is doing a great job in school. All my effort in teaching him every night is paid off.

Look he got perfect scores on his long quizzes.

He did great too on his 3rd quarterly examinations. He got 98% in English, and 97% in Science, Mathematics, Filipino and GMRC.

By the way, 98% is a perfect score :) #feelingsoproud

And just this morning, he got his report card and look all his grade went up.

His teacher told us that Matthew is still playful and always in the rush daw. We keep on reminding him to act accordingly in school and to avoid being too playful. I know he understands us but what can we do, he's just 4 and the youngest in the class. Also, having many kids around him excites him to the bone, lol!

Sorry, I really get excited. I stop expecting too much from him actually. Because seeing he is learning is more than enough for me. Besides I know his capability and I trust him. Bonus na lang yun matataas na grades nya

So I think he deserves a blowout this weekend for a job very well done!

Happy weekend everyone!
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