Monday, January 5, 2015

2014, The Year that Was

Year 2014 had been a roller coaster ride for our family. But I still consider 2014 as a great year. Though they were bumps, there were more opportunities  for us. I can't deny the fact that last year, we had learned a lot.

So let's make a recap of our 2014.

Nanay's 67th birthday. We went too our hometown to celebrate Nanay's birthday last February. My other siblings and their kids attended our mini celebration at Jollibee, Science City of Muñoz.

Our Bestfriend's Valentine wedding. One of our bestfriends got married on Valentine's day. Although it took us by surprised, we are happy he already found his other half.

Our 33rd birthday. Daddy and I celebrated our 33rd birthday last year. As usual, we just had a simple celebration at home. We cooked our food and we had a great day.

Matthew's summer class and graduation. Matthew's first taste of school was when we enrolled him in MMA's summer class for incoming Kindergarten.

Then came the summer class graduation. They had a presentation and Matthew got 2 awards.

New Sofa Set and Oven. Finally, we have found the sofa set we want. Also, Daddy bought a convection oven. Imagine how happy Daddy is because he finally have an oven.

Matthew's 4th birthday and his first day in school. Matthew's first day in school fell on his birthday. So in the afternoon we had his McQueen Car's party. He was so happy!

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary. We have celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and our 11th year of relationship. We had again a simple celebration at home since it's also the Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial celebration.

My first KL experience. I had a business trip to Malaysia last August. Again, I travelled alone but thank God everything turned okay. I had a great experience and met many great people.

Matthew's first singing contest. Our little boy was chosen to represent their school in a singing contest at the 1st Sports Festival and Cultural Competetion in Marilao Bulacan. Though he does not win still we are so proud because he's brave enough to sing on stage.

Momaye's Diary turned 3. Time flies and this blog of mine turned 3. No major achievement yet but your continuous support is my inspiration to keep this blog going. Wherever life will take me, please just hang on, okay?

Mom and Dad Crochet turned 2. We have been crocheting for more than two years now. And May this year, Momaye's Shoppe will turn 3 naman. Just forgot to highlight when Momaye's Shoppe turned 2 last May.

New cellphone. Daddy and I finally bought new cell phones. Here are our Samsung Galaxy Core 2 cell phone.

A stronger BC Bloggers community. Last November, the admins of BC Bloggers FB group worked together to bring back the interest of our fellow BC Bloggers. Thank God the members are back and the group is alive, and there are more to come.

A Blogger Opportunity. Just when I thought the blessings is over, a blogger opportunity came our way. I am really thankful to God because of all the blessings that are coming our way. By the way, this opportunity is open to all bloggers, it's free and payment is super fast.

Matthew's first education field trip and Christmas party. Despite being sick the day before his field trip, Matthew and us were able to join his first field trip in Laguna. He enjoyed this trip so much as if he was not sick.

Days after, he had his first Christmas party where he got his wish to Santa.

A new Smart LED TV and dining set. Before the year ends, Daddy and I decided to get an LG Smart LED TV. 

We also bought the new TV stand above and a 4-seater marble top dining table. (Photo of the dining set to follow).

Lastly, our small business, Momaye's Shoppe and Mom and Dad Crochet, are doing well. We receive overwhelming orders, especially at Mom and Dad Crochet. And sometimes, our free time won't let us accept more MTOs. Hopefully this year, we will have someone to help us with our crochet MTO. 

As for Momaye's Shoppe, we are planning to add more quality and affordable products. So please what out for it.

Whew! Those are just the highlights of our 2014. Looking back there are also some down points but generally, 2014 gave us bountiful blessings.

How about your 2014? Again, have a Prosperous 2015!
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